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About The Jubilee Hills Co-operative Society

The Jubilee Hills Co-operative Society was registered on 07.07.1962 as a cooperative society under the Andhra Pradesh state Co-operative societies Act, with Registration No T.A.173. the Objects of the society were to carry on for the Benefit of its Members the trade of building and of buying development land in accordance with Cooperative Principles. The initial Share Capital of the Society was Rs. 2.50 lakhs made up of 2500 shares of Rs. 100 each.


The area of operation of jubilee Co-operative House Building Society Limited as per Byelaw N0.1(C) is confined to the limits of jubilee Hills otherwise Known as Banjara Hills Extension situated in the Villages of Shaikpet and Hakeempet of Hyderabad District.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh in G. O. Ms. No. 147 dated 31.01.1964 allotted an extent of 1398 Acres of government land to the society as follows :

# Old Survey No. Village Extent
1 403 Shaikpet 1195 Acres
2 102 Hakeempet (Village) 203 Acres
3 Total 1398 Acres

The Land value was fixed at the market price of Rs. 200/- per acre. The market value was paid by the Society.

Subsequent to this the Government have issued several orders withdrawing certain extents of the lands and allotting them to the following other Societies and Institutions:

# Alloted Institution Extent
1 Journalist Cooperative Housing Society 25.00 Acers
2 Sri Venkateswara Cooperative .Housing Society 100.00 Acres
3 Film Nagar Cooperative Housing Society 50.00 Acres
4 Nandagiri Cooperative Housing Society 12.00 Acres
5 M/s. Deccan Hospitals 30.00 Acres
6 MicroWaveStation 1.80 Acres
Total 218.80 Acres

The Land in possession of the Society now is 1167.27 Acres .

In the balance land of 1167.27 Acres the Society has developed the land into plots by preparing layouts in Block-I, II and III, after leaving Open Space as per M.C.H rules. After approval of layouts by M.C.H., the Society conducted draws for ,Allotment of plots to the Society members and about 3035 Plots were there in the Jubilee 1-lills Society area. By collecting development charges the Society' has provided infrastructural facilities like laying of roads , drainage, water supply and electricity for construction of residential buildings in the Jubilee Hills Society area. The Society has also improved Greenery in the entire jubilee Hills Society area by Planting about 10,000 trees protecting with tree guards . The Society has also allotted land to three Schools on lease basis at nominal rates.

  • (1) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School ( Allotment )
  • (2) Jubilee hills Public school ( Lease & Allotment )
  • (3) Andhra Mahila Sabha (Obul Reddy) ( Lease )

Also given 5.00 acres land to accommodate, BSNL Telephone Exchange, Post office and also given land to Police station, petrol bunk and APSEB Sub - Station on Road No.44. for the benefit of the Society members and also Jubilee Hills International Centre (Club) was established by the society for recreation of society members with all facilities like indoor and outdoor games, Library, Yoga classes, Gym, Cinemas and swimming etc., The Society members will be admitted as permanent members with concession fees for admission into Jubilee Hills International Centre. The Society provides fogging site for week for prevention of mosquitoes breeding. The Society has allotted lands to temples of Sri Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple on Road No. 18 and Sri Peddamma Temple on Road No. 55 for devotees. The Society has constructed the 5 Shopping Complexes on Road Nos.36, Road No. 10, Road Nos. 45,44 & 86 for the benefit of Jubilee Bills Society members. On Road No.1, land was allotted to "Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust ” for Operating a blood bank.
Further the Society has proposed to construct a Community hall on road No.51 in the Society land.

Further the Society has proposed to construct a Community hall on road No.51 in the Society land.

The Road No.36 has declared by the Government as Commercial road hence lot of Commercial Buildings and Shopping malls have come up, 30.00 acres was allotted to Deccan Hospitals i.e., Apollo Hospital which is doing lot of services to Jubilee Hills Society members.

Due to the above facilities Jubilee Hills Society area has became one of the most sort of place to live its residence include top Industrialists. Politicians. beaurocrates, legal luminaries, film personalities and other celebrities and distinguished peoples.


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Jubilee Hills Society houses some of the prestigious Schools

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Other Facilities

Jubilee Hills houses other facilities like Blood Bank, Temples, Government Institutions.