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Managing Committee

Jubilee Hills Co-operative Society Managing Committee

Subject to such resolutions as the General Body may from to time pass, the Executive management of affairs of the Society vest in an elected managing Committee consisting of 15 Members. The Elected Members have to elect from among themselves a Vice-President, a secretary, Add 1-Secretary and a Treasurer. 

In the beginning an Adhoc Committee was formed with the dollowing.

1 Sri M.P . Pai President
2 Sri. D.Suryanarayana Swamy Vice-President
3 Sri.T.Veernath Pai Secretary
4 Sri B.R.K Sastry Treasurer
5 Sri Bharat Chand Khanna Member
6 Sri P.Sarveshwar Rao Member

The Elected Managing Committee has assumed the charge in 2015.

1 Sri T. Narendra Choudary President
2 Sri T.Devendar Reddy Vice-President
3 Sri T.Hanumantha Rao Secretary
4 Sri Dr Venkatesh Veera Reddy Addl-Secretary
5 Sri A Suresh reddy Treasurer
6 Sri P.Sarat Kumar M.C. Member
7 Smt V Anjana Reddy M.C. Member
8 Sri K.Ekamber Reddy M.C. Member
9 Sri Lalit Kumar Gupta M.C. Member
10 Sri Kishore kumar Midde M.C. Member
11 Sri M. Venu Gopal M.C. Member
12 Sri K.Ramesh Choudary M.C. Member
13 Kotipalli S. R. M.C. Member


Best Infrastructure

Jubliee Hills has one of the best infrastructure in Hyderabad


Best Enviroment

Jubliee Hills retains and expands the greenery coverage.


Well Planned

Because of the well planned vision, Jubliee Hill properties is most sought after.

Featured Facilities

Jubilee Hills Society created facilities


Jubilee Hills Society boasts some of the best known hospitals.


Jubilee Hills Society houses some of the prestigious Schools

Commercial Hub

Jubilee Hills Society is known for its hub for global brands for shapping.


Jubilee Hills Society has best roads, drainage infrastructure, water supply, electricity and greenery coverage.

Community Centers

Jubilee Hills International Centre has facilities Library, Yoga classes, Gym, Cinemas and swimming etc.,

Other Facilities

Jubilee Hills houses other facilities like Blood Bank, Temples, Government Institutions.