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Entrepreneur with a Notch for Social Responsibility….

Mr.Tummala Narendra Choudary, An Entrepreneur with a Notch for Social Responsibility. Mr. Narendra Choudary President of Jubilee hills housing Society. Life time and Ex Officio Member of Jubilee hills International Convention Centre. Governing Council Member for Prestigious educational Institutions across the telangana. One the "Swaccha Bharat" Ambassadors since 2015. Narendra Choudary is an eminent Personality combined with Business and Social Responsibility. A devout Hindu. Good human-being with a wide heart. CMD with a working-journalist’s mind an inspiration to his employees. Analyst with a lot of political depth. Overall Admirable Man for Society.

Mr.Tummala Narendra Choudary, born into an agrarian family. Hailing from Khammam, moved to Hyderabad after completing his graduation, With the interest in Business, made him to pursue business opportunities in the field of Real Estate & Media. His work dedication, service orientation and hard work made him excel in business within a span of a decade.
He became the president of Jubilee Hills Cooperative House Building Society in 2005. His self less service to the members of the elite Society of Hyderabad made him to elect again for the president position. And made him to associate with eminent personalities from Politics, Bureaucracy, Business & Media. In this tenure he transformed Jubilee Hills Cooperative House Building Society into a vibrant organization by taking number initiatives civic amenities and Societal Causes. Also actively involved in management of Jubilee Hills International Center, popularly known as Jubilee Club. 

Also one of the eminent position he holds is Governing Council Member for many prestigious Educational Institutions in and around Jubilee Hills. Was also appointed as one of the “Swaccha Bharath” ambassadors by the President of India in 2015. For the service and awareness done through Media.

Narendra Choudary known as person with lot of passion and vision. He entered into media field in 2007, with the launching of NTV, a Telugu News & Current affairs channel. Another milestone is Bhakthi TV, the first Hindu devotional Channel in India. In 2008. He launched TV channel exclusive for women i.e., VANITHA TV. One of the First Channel in India dedicated to women and women issues.  

He entitized the importance of conducting “Aadhyathmika Sammelanams” across the State through Bhakthi Channel. Bhakthi TV organized Laksha Deepostavam in 2012, koti Deepostavam in 2013, 2014, 2015 during the Karthika masams, by spending crores of rupees to rejuvenate the spirit of Hinduism. This has gained lot of applaud from general public.

Narendra Choudary travelled across the world to pick the best in technology from internationally well-known research agencies like Nielsen, NG Mind frame to do social and political surveys with utmost accuracy on the performance of the Governments, political parties, leaders, schemes and on the preferences of the people for his media Organization. In a nutshell, Narendra Choudary is an eminent Person combined with Business and Social Responsibility. A devout Hindu with a vision to spread it by leaps and bounds. A human- being with a wide heart. CMD with a working-journalist’s mind an inspiration to his employees. An analyst with a lot of political depth. Social servant of all God men i.e. saints, sadhus, swamijis of India. An Admirable Man of Society.


Best Infrastructure

Jubliee Hills has one of the best infrastructure in Hyderabad


Best Enviroment

Jubliee Hills retains and expands the greenery coverage.


Well Planned

Because of the well planned vision, Jubliee Hill properties is most sought after.

Featured Facilities

Jubilee Hills Society created facilities


Jubilee Hills Society boasts some of the best known hospitals.


Jubilee Hills Society houses some of the prestigious Schools

Commercial Hub

Jubilee Hills Society is known for its hub for global brands for shapping.


Jubilee Hills Society has best roads, drainage infrastructure, water supply, electricity and greenery coverage.

Community Centers

Jubilee Hills International Centre has facilities Library, Yoga classes, Gym, Cinemas and swimming etc.,

Other Facilities

Jubilee Hills houses other facilities like Blood Bank, Temples, Government Institutions.